Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Pantone Spring 2015 Nail Art

A few weeks ago I came across the Pantone Spring 2015 Colour Report and instantly fell in love with the whole palette. Since multi-colour nail art isn't something I wear on a regular basis, I was inspired to try and incorporate as many colours as possible into something that would be both simple and wearable.
 And this is what I came up with! After loving the striping tape I received from Born Pretty Store in my colour block mani a few months back, I decided it would be the perfect tool for getting these crisp peek-a-boo coloured stripes. Here's how you can accomplish the same look yourself:
STEP 1 | Paint each nail with a different shade you want showing as the stripes in the final look. I went for: Tangerine, Aquamarine, Strawberry Ice, Lucite Green, and Toasted Almond. Make sure you let these colours dry completely before moving on.

STEP 2 | Apply nail striping tape in whatever pattern you'd like to show through on the nail. Make sure you remember what order you've layered them!

STEP 3 | Doing each nail individually, cover the nail and striping tape with one coat of an opaque white polish, I used Sally Hansen White On, and before letting the white coat dry peel off the layers of tape to reveal the colour underneath.

STEP 4 | Allow the nails to fully dry, and seal the design in with the topcoat of your choice. I decided to go matte since it gives a nice soft look, but it looks just as good with a shiny finish.

And you're done! Which of the Pantone spring colours are you most excited about this year?

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Monday, 30 March 2015

Where In The World?

Well, hello again Monday. I hope you all had an amazing weekend, with plenty of R&R to recharge you for the (short) week ahead! I'm not going to lie, when I was looking back at these photos the combination of the burgundy tones, hat and trench coat reminded me a lot of Carmen Sandiego - anyone else used to play those games?
Dress: Gap {similar} | Coat: Burberry {exact} | Hat: Target {exact}| Necklace: F21 {similar}
When I was on vacation last summer, I found this dress at the Gap outlet nearby. I loved it so much I went back in search of more, and ended up taking this striped one one home as well. It was an amazing steal for my fall/winter wardrobe, because I've probably worn it at least once every other week since. Subtle pattern, beautiful colours and just the right amount of stretch make it the easiest piece to wear dressed up for work or down for a weekend outing. Seeing as the colour of the year is Marsala, I fully intend to find ways to brighten it up as we head into the warmer weather!

What was your wardrobe workhorse this past season?

Remixed Pieces:
One | Two | Three
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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

DIY Natural Daily Brush Cleanser

If you're anything like me, cleaning your makeup brushes is one of those necessary chores that you just don't look forward to. Deep cleaning leaves your brushes out of commission for hours, so for daily cleaning I used a spot cleanser.

I used to purchase these from MAC and Sephora, but when you look at the ingredients they are usually 90% alcohol. While that works well for sanitizing and quickly drying brushes, I find that when I use cleansers with alcohol it tends to make the brush hairs dry and brittle. I pay good money for my brushes and want them to last, so I experimented to come up with my own solution.

All you need are three simple ingredients than can be found at most drugstores:
Witch Hazel - a natural astringent
Tea Tree Oil -  kills bacteria (you could also use lemon, lavender or another anti-bacterial essential oil if you don't like the scent of tea tree oil)
Glycerin - adds moisture (you can find natural or vegetable glycerin at many natural pharmacies or online)
Since exposure to light can decrease the shelf life of essential oils, I suggest trying to find an opaque spray bottle to house your cleanser. Add 5 parts Witch Hazel, 1 part Tea Tree Oil, and a few drops of Glycerin to your bottle, and you're pretty much ready to go! I recommend shaking before use to make sure all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

Spraying on the cloth instead of the brushes will help to keep drying time to a minimum. Simply swirl your brushes into the cleanser to remove all the grime, and use a dry section of the cloth to absorb excess moisture.
I think the photo speaks for itself! Of course I still give my brushes a good shampoo every few weeks, but by spot cleaning them daily I am helping keep my brushes and my skin clean and free of bacteria.

Be honest - how often do you clean your brushes?
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